Supporting Schedules

Regulatory Documents

Credit Risk Assessment

Acceptable Institutions / Acceptable Counterparties Database 

List of Approved Inter-Dealer Bond Brokers 

Exchanges / Associations whose members qualify as Regulated Entities 

List of Basel Accord Countries 

Acceptable Securities Locations

List of Financial institutions / entities / mutual funds with signed Custodial Agreement (pdf)

List of Acceptable Clearing Corporations and Acceptable Securities Locations (Depositories and Clearing Agencies)

List of Entities Considered Suitable to Hold LBMA Gold and Silver Good Delivery Bars

Margin rate

Securities listed on Canada and U.S. exchanges eligible for margin

List of Securities Eligible for Reduced Margin ("LSERM")

List of foreign market indices whose constituent securities are eligible for margin 

List of Floating and Tracking Error Margin Rates for Qualifying Canadian and U.S. Index Products

Acceptable Over-Collateralization Rates for Financing Transactions with Acceptable Counterparties 

List of Foreign Exchange (FX) Spot Risk Margin Rates for Canadian and U.S. Base Currency Accounts

Foreign Currency Group 

Trade matching

List of Acceptable Trade Matching Utilities for Broker-to-Broker Trade Matching


Bank of Canada – Term Purchase and Resale Agreement 

Limited Recourse Call Loan Agreement

Cross Guarantee (related companies) 

Custodial Agreement (general)

Custodial Agreement (NCI) 

Type 1 Introducing Broker 

Type 2 Introducing Broker 

Type 3 Introducing Broker

Type 4 Introducing Broker 

Subordinated Loan Agreement 

Securities Loan (with set-off) 

Securities Loan (no set-off)

Repurchase/Reverse Repurchase 

Mutual Fund Bare Trustee Agreement 

New Issue Loan Master Agreement