Fee Models

IIROC’s Fee Model Guidelines provide comprehensive information on all fees collected from Dealer Members and Marketplace Members pursuant to our four fee models:

  • Dealer Member Fee Model 
  • Equity Market Regulation Fee Model 
  • Debt Market Regulation Fee Model 
  • Debt Information Processor Fee Model 

Supporting Resources 

Related Notices

  • 21-0081 - IIROC Fee Model Guidelines – Update April 2021
  • 21-0080 - Removal of the risk component of the annual fees paid by Dealer Members effective April 1, 2021
  • 18-0081 – IIROC Fee Model Guidelines – Update 2018
  • 18-0072 – Amendments to the Minimum Dealer Regulation Fee Component of the Dealer Member Fee Model effective April 1, 2018
  • 17-0243 – Proposed Amendments to the Minimum Dealer Regulation Fee Component of the Dealer Member Fee Model

CIPF Assessments

IIROC also collects assessments for the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF).

The investment industry established the CIPF in 1969 to protect investors. CIPF ensures, within defined limits, that the cash and securities of CIPF Member clients are returned to them if a Member becomes insolvent. All IIROC-regulated firms are required to be Members of CIPF. The CIPF Board of Directors sets the size and composition of the fund to be maintained for the client assets it protects. The Board also sets the basis and rate of assessments according to a policy the Board adopts that provides a formula or methodology for how Members will be assessed. Assessments are accumulated in CIPF’s General Fund, which is invested in Government of Canada or provincial or territorial government issued or guaranteed debt obligations. Under the terms of the Industry Agreement with between IIROC and CIPF, CIPF is authorized to assess Members in order to provide resources for the Fund to pay losses to eligible clients of insolvent Members, to repay any of its obligations under its credit facilities, and to pay operational expenses. IIROC Dealer Member Rule 41 requires all IIROC-regulated firms to pay CIPF assessments to IIROC. As provided for in the Industry Agreement, the assessments are collected by IIROC and remitted to CIPF. Assessments are due on the March, June, September and December Monthly Financial Report filing dates.

 For more information on CIPF assessments, refer to the CIPF Assessment Policy, or contact CIPF directly at 416-866-8366, toll-free at 1-866-243-6981, or by email at [email protected]. To learn more about CIPF, visit CIPF’s website.