Continuing Education

IIROC’s Continuing Education program imposes a minimum number of Continuing Education hours for each cycle. A cycle runs for two years.

Continuing Education requirements for Approved Persons are set out in IIROC Rule 2700.

What courses qualify for Continuing Education?

Individuals can take Professional Development and Compliance courses from a variety of sources, including courses directly offered by their dealer and courses accredited by IIROC.

Continuing Education courses can include virtual and in-person courses, seminars, programs and presentations. 

IIROC also offers online Continuing Education courses, like video webcasts, seminars and other public events hosted by IIROC staff and industry professionals.

Prior to signing up for a course, individuals should check with their dealer to ensure a course meets the requirements of their dealer and IIROC Rules. Individuals must notify their dealer once they have completed a course for continuing education.

Use the following links for a list of:

IIROC Accreditation

Course providers, including dealers, can apply to have IIROC accredit continuing education (CE) courses. To apply:

For more information on the assessment criteria and required information, refer to Continuing Education Course Accreditation by IIROC.

Lists of Accredited Courses

Licensing courses prescribed in IIROC Rule 2600 do not follow the accreditation process and do not appear on this list. However, they can be used for CE consistent with subsection 2.4 GN 2700-21-001.

* Courses with a course ID ending with CP may be used for compliance or professional development, up to the CE credits value indicated. For example, an individual who completed a CP course accredited for 5.00 CE credits may allocate 3.00 CE credits for compliance and 2.00 CE credits for professional development, or in any other combination, up to a total of 5.00 CE credits.

For courses with multiple course ID (ending with C, P or CP), the CE credits are cumulative and a CE participant may receive the CE credits indicated for each ID. For example, an individual may claim up to 2.00 compliance and 1.00 professional development CE credits for completing a course with one ID ending with a C that was accredited for 2.00 CE credits and another ID ending with a P accredited for 1.00 CE credits. In this example, the total value of the course is 3.00 CE credits and a portion of the course was approved for compliance only, while another portion was approved for professional development only.

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