Proficiency Initiative

IIROC has undertaken a multi-year initiative to enhance its Proficiency regime with the intention of launching the new standards in 2026.

Proficiency standards are a cornerstone of the IIROC regulatory regime. High proficiency standards play a key role in investor protection and the integrity and efficiency of capital markets. IIROC’s goal is to create, maintain and promote high proficiency standards and a robust proficiency regime in the investment industry​.​

IIROC launched a request for Expressions of Interest (REOI) process on October 11, 2022 to provide education services to support enhancements to IIROC’s proficiency regime. IIROC welcomes new and alternative models for the delivery of its education services including multiple course providers, joint or partnership arrangements amongst vendors or with IIROC.

The REOI process includes an optional information session for vendors. Interested vendors can access the REOI details and obtain the latest information on the initiative by visiting this page regularly or emailing any questions to [email protected].​

High Level Timeline

High Level Timeline, 2014-2015 Consultation: Next Phase in Proficiency Regulation, Jun 2019 Development of Competency Profiles set as Priority, August 2020 Phase I Competency Profile Consultation (IR,RR), August 2021 Phase II Competency Profile Consultation (Directors, Executives, UDP, CCO, CFO), August 2022 Phase III Competency Profile Consultation (APM,PM. Trader, Supervisot) Fall 2022 Release of REOI, Fall 2023 Release of RFP (To be confirmed based on REOI findings), Spring 2024 Selection of Vendor(s), Program Setup, Jan 2026 Launch of New Program.

Frequently Asked Questions


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Email: [email protected]

MFDA and IIROC have consolidated

As of January 1, 2023 the MFDA and IIROC have come together as New Self-Regulatory Organization of Canada (New SRO).

New SRO has assumed the regulatory responsibilities of the MFDA and IIROC.

We have set up an interim website for updates and information related to the New SRO including:

  • Executive Management
  • Governance
  • New SRO Rules
  • Member Application
  • Investor Office and the Investor Advisory Panel
  • Information concerning mutual fund dealers registered in Québec
  • Complaints
  • Careers

Enforcement proceedings, membership lists, continuing education, investor education resources and any other information not set out above continue to reside on and