Corporate and Government Bond Information

IIROC has been working with the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) to enhance transparency and improve regulation in Canada’s fixed income markets and facilitate more informed decision-making by all market participants.

In November 2015, IIROC began collecting information from the firms it regulates on all debt securities transactions (see IIROC Rule 7200) for the purposes of surveillance. Prior to that time, the debt market in Canada was largely opaque to investors and other market participants.

Since July 2016, the CSA has been leveraging the corporate bond trade information that IIROC collects to increase transparency by having IIROC also serve as the “information processor” (IP) that publicly disseminates this data (subject to certain reporting delays and volume caps - see CSA Staff Notice 21-317).

In September 2020, the CSA expanded IIROC’s role as IP to include government debt securities. In support of our mandate to protect investors and the integrity of Canada’s Capital Markets, we believe that providing free, comprehensive information on debt securities trading gives all market participants enhanced transparency and access to information that will improve their investment decisions and contribute to their confidence in Canada's capital markets.

In this role, IIROC publishes the information it collects on a dedicated public website.

The IIROC Corporate and Government Bond Information website provides the following daily, free of charge:

  • Bond prices and volumes
  • A search and display function for "issuer name" and/or "CUSIP/ISIN codes" that allows users to look up information on trades in specific bonds
  • Summary level trade data
  • Transaction data for each bond
  • A glossary and other helpful information.

By providing this information, IIROC is delivering enhanced transparency to all participants in the Canadian debt securities marketplace.

View bond trading activity on the Corporate and Government Bond Information website.

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