9202. Definitions

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    1. The following terms have the meaning set out below when used  in Rule 9200:
    2. “application”

      An application for approval or an exemption under Rule 9200, but does not include a request for a review of a decision on such an application under Rule 9300.


      A determination made by a District Council, a Registration Subcommittee, Registration Staff or IIROC under Rule 9200.

      “District Council panel”

      A panel of three members of a District Council appointed by the National Hearing Officer to conduct a hearing under section 9209.

      “Registration Staff”

      Registration staff of IIROC.

      “Registration Subcommittee”

      A subcommittee of a District Council to whom authority has been delegated under subsection 9203(1).

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    There is no history log for this rule.