8407. National Hearing Officer

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    1. The National Hearing Officer administers all proceedings brought pursuant to the Rules of Procedure, including: 

      1. the selection of members of hearing panels,

      2. scheduling and arranging hearings and prehearing conferences,

      3. care, custody and distribution to members of hearing panels of filed documents,

      4. maintaining a hearing record, including original exhibits, 

      5. dating and distributing written hearing panel decisions and reasons to parties to a proceeding, 

      6. issuing and serving a notice or summons to attend and testify or produce documents, where so authorized by a decision of a hearing panel, and 

      7. any other administrative functions that are reasonably necessary for the efficient conduct of a proceeding.

    2. The National Hearing Officer acts as liaison between members of a hearing panel and parties to a proceeding and, other than in the course of an oral hearing or electronic hearing, a party must communicate to a hearing panel through the National Hearing Officer and serve all other parties with the communication. 

    3. The National Hearing Officer may seek the advice of the chair of a hearing committee with respect to legal, administrative or procedural issues. 

    4. The National Hearing Officer after consultation with the chairs of the hearing committees in all Districts, may publish on IIROC’s website guidelines concerning practices to be followed under the Rules of Procedure

    5. The National Hearing Officer may prescribe the form and format of documents and forms that are required to be filed under the Rules of Procedure

    6. The National Hearing Officer may designate individuals to perform the functions for which the National Hearing Officer is responsible under the Rules of Procedure.

    There is no history log for this rule.

    There is no history log for this rule.