2228. Inactive Dealer Members

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    1. A Dealer Member may apply to the Board to have its membership status temporarily changed to inactive. Dealer Members must file their applications in writing and must include reasons for the requested change.

    2. The Board must impose a time limit and may impose conditions on a Dealer Member’s inactive status.

    3. When a Dealer Member’s status changes to inactive, IIROC must publish a notice indicating so.

    4. A Dealer Member with inactive status may apply in writing to the Board for an extension to the time period of its inactive status if:

      1. the written application is made at least 30 days before the Dealer Member’s inactive status expires, and

      2. the inactive status period has not been extended previously.

    5. When a Dealer Member’s inactive status or the extension to the period of time established by the Board for inactive status expires, the Dealer Member’s status will automatically revert to that of a Dealer Member.

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    There is no history log for this rule.