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Continuing Education

Securities industry professionals work in a fast-paced environment where it is important to have the knowledge to stay on top of new products, new rules and regulations, legal and compliance issues, emerging industry trends and other developments.

To help registered and approved individuals remain current, we introduced a mandatory Continuing Education (CE) program for Member firms. The CE program first operated on three-year cycles and all registrants were on the same schedule. The first cycle began on January 1, 2000 and ended on December 31, 2002. Effective January 1, 2018, the CE program operates on a two-year cycle.

The CE program

The general structure and requirements of our CE program are as follows:

  • The CE program operates on two-year cycles

  • Individuals registered to do retail business and give advice must complete a Compliance course and a Professional Development course during each CE cycle

  • For most other approved person categories (i.e. Investment Representative, Supervisors, etc.), individuals must complete a Compliance course

  • Individuals registered in more than one approved person category must meet the CE requirements of the more demanding category. For example, an individual who is an Ultimate Designated Person and a Registered Representative is required to complete the Compliance course and Professional Development course requirements. Learn more about the CE Requirements by Category

  • A Compliance or Professional Development course for CE could be a single, integrated course or series of relevant courses, seminars, program or presentations that together meet the time and content requirements for CE set out in the applicable IIROC Rules

  • The Compliance course will require a minimum of 10 hours of study

  • The Professional Development course will require a minimum of 20 hours of study

  • Individuals are required to complete their CE requirements by the end of each CE Program cycle



IIROC CE Rules and Guidance

The CE Rules are contained in IIROC Rule 2650 and addresses the following topics:

  • Continuing education program

  • Continuing education requirements

  • Compliance course

  • Professional development course

  • Dealer member administration

  • Participation in the continuing education program

  • Discretionary relief

  • Penalties for not completing continuing education requirements 

Note that the CE Rules were recently amended effective January 1, 2020 (see IIROC Notice 19-0220)

Supporting Resources to the CE Rules include:

Accredited Courses

Individuals may choose to take Professional Development and Compliance courses from a variety of sources. Sources include Dealer Members, the Canadian Securities Institute, community colleges and universities, and professional education providers such as the Canadian Bankers Association, the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada, the Investment Funds Institute of Canada, and the CFA Institute.

Dealer Members or external course providers may accredit their CE courses through IIROC's accreditation process. IIROC has retained Continuing Education Course Accreditation Process (CECAP) to assess courses submitted by Dealer Members or external course providers and make recommendations to IIROC on the courses' suitability for CE credits. Learn more about accredited courses at CECAP.

Courses and seminars that have not been accredited may also be used to satisfy CE requirements, provided the member firm has reviewed the course/seminar to ensure it complies with the Compliance and Professional Development requirements set out in the applicable CE Rules.

It is important for individuals to satisfy themselves that the course of interest to them meet the requirements of the CE Rules. Individuals should provide their firms with the necessary course information for their firms to determine course eligibility.

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