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Nour Private Wealth Inc.

Terms and Conditions

  1. By no later than two weeks after its membership approval is granted and effective, NPW shall retain, at its own expense, the services of an independent consultant (the Consultant), that is approved in writing by IIROC staff prior to retaining the Consultant, to engage in the close supervision of NPW's Ultimate Designated Person, Elie Nour, pursuant to the terms and conditions imposed on Elie Nour's registration, effective July 24, 2017 (the Close Supervision).

  2. NPW shall immediately submit to IIROC staff a direction from NPW giving unrestricted and irrevocable permission to IIROC staff and the Consultant to communicate with one another regarding the Close Supervision.

  3. In addition to engaging in the Close Supervision, the Consultant shall:
    a. review the ongoing compliance of NPW with its policies and procedures, including those relating to client account opening; and
    b. report on a quarterly basis to IIROC staff in such manner as may be determined by IIROC staff.

  4. The Consultant shall continue its compliance review of NPW until such time as NPW has received a satisfactory Business Conduct Compliance examination report from IIROC staff (with the initial examination expected to begin approximately six months from the effective date of NPW's membership).

  5. NPW shall not terminate the Consultant's retainer without prior written approval by IIROC staff.

  6. These terms and conditions shall remain in place until they are removed by IIROC staff. The terms and conditions imposed on Mr. Nour were removed effective January 21, 2019