What We Do

At IIROC we set and enforce rules regarding the proficiency, business and financial conduct of approximately 174 Canadian investment firms and the more than 32,000 registered individuals. 

All individuals registered with IIROC are subject to rigorous, comprehensive training and screening. In addition, our teams monitor, conduct reviews and work with firms to ensure they continually meet high business, trading supervision, and financial standards while providing advice that appropriately reflects their clients’ needs.

With surveillance teams based in Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver operating state-of-the-art technology, IIROC also oversees all debt and equity market activity (the latter in real-time) on all Canadian equity marketplaces. This is to ensure everyone is trading fairly and within marketplace trading rules. If needed, IIROC can halt trading in a stock.

IIROC’s Enforcement staff ensures timely identification, investigation, and prosecution of regulatory misconduct. Where evidence of wrongdoing is established and the circumstances are warranted,  we initiate disciplinary proceedings. Discipline can include fines, suspensions, and permanent bans or termination for both individuals and firms. 

Our Vision

IIROC’s vision is to demonstrate how our self-regulatory model serves the public interest, by: 

  • inspiring confidence and deterring wrongdoing by having and using robust and appropriate tools 
  • making the delivery of securities regulation in Canada significantly more efficient 
  • being known as a trusted, respected, and valued partner by our stakeholders 
  • being a leading-edge securities regulator 
  • creating a culture that attracts and retains high-quality employees 

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