Making A Complaint

We want to hear from you if you have concerns about potential rule infractions or would like to report misconduct by your IIROC-regulated financial advisor or investment firm. IIROC is committed to thoroughly assessing all regulatory matters brought to our attention and will take appropriate regulatory and disciplinary action against those who fail to meet their regulatory obligations.

There are three ways to report misconduct with IIROC:

Call us

Use our toll-free number
1-877-442-4322. IIROC records all calls to and from our Complaints & Inquiries telephone lines.


Fill out a complaint form



Helpful information

  • You don’t have to prove your case in order to report an issue

  • Be ready to provide as many details as possible, including:
    • Your name and contact information
    • Name(s) and contact information of the individuals or firms mentioned in your report
    • Specific details – how, why and when you encountered the issue(s)
    • Relevant documentation – copies of forms and notes of meetings or discussions, for example

  • IIROC does not provide compensation or dispute resolution services. IIROC requires firms to handle investor complaints to prescribed high standards and to take part in dispute resolution when requested by a client. You can learn about dispute resolution services available to investors on the Getting Your Money Back page of this website or by downloading the IIROC brochure, “An Investor’s Guide to Making a Complaint” (PDF).



Complaints & Inquiries statistics for fiscal years 2015 and 2016
(April 1, 2014 to March 31, 2016)


Complaints and inquiries to IIROC by clients of IIROC-regulated firms

Total complaints and inquries received

IIROC had an average of 1,130 contacts in each of the two most recent fiscal years.

Reasons for contacting IIROC: Regulatory versus non-regulatory

Regulatory vs. non-regulatory contacts
IIROC is contacted regarding both regulatory and non-regulatory matters. Regulatory matters pertain to IIROC rules or securities law – for example, allegations of unsuitable investments or unauthorized trading. Non-regulatory matters pertain to issues not related to IIROC rules or securities laws such as poor customer service and general inquiries about dealer policies and procedures. Non-regulatory matters accounted for 46% of contacts.



Most frequent inquiries to IIROC

Top 5 types of complaints
The five most common topics of inquiries to IIROC by clients of IIROC-regulated firms account for 60% of all inquiries (1,423) in the two most recent fiscal years.

Most frequent complaints to IIROC

Top 5 types of complaints
The five most common topics of complaints to IIROC by clients of IIROC-regulated firms account for 48% of all complaints (838) received in the two most recent fiscal years.


Total complaints and inquiries by complainant location 
Total Complaints and Inquiries by Complainant Location

The majority of inquiries and complaints came from Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, and Quebec. Ontario residents account for approximately 37% of the total complaints and inquiries received. Note: The numbers in this chart do not match the total number of complaints and inquiries as only 66% of contacts provided IIROC with their location.



Contact by age

Age Complaint​​ Inquiry​​
​< 20 0​ ​1
​21 to 30 2​ 15​​
31 to 40​​ 13​​ 45​​
41 to 50​​ 39​ 70​​
51 to 60​ 8​4 98​
​61 to 70 118​​ 174​​
​71 to 80 80​​ 94​​
​81 to 90 32​ ​50
91 to 100​​ 7​​ ​8
​Total ​375 555​


Note: 41% of contacts disclosed their age.



Contact by gender



 Note: 67% of contacts disclosed their gender.