Making A Complaint

What Investors and Clients of IIROC-Regulated Firms Need to Know

At IIROC, we are committed to responding to public complaints in a timely, helpful and fair fashion.  We set high quality regulatory and investment industry standards to protect investors. We encourage investors to bring their complaints to our attention so that we can take appropriate regulatory action to help ensure that rule infractions do not continue. All IIROC-regulated firms are required to cooperate with their clients and follow IIROC guidelines for handling complaints.

Take action now

File your complaint now with IIROC through our online complaint form. You can also print the form which includes details about how to fax or mail it back to us. ​

Read the IIROC brochureRead the IIROC brochure

An Investor’s Guide to Making a Complaint for tips and further information about making a complaint. ​

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