Investor Education

You invest to achieve your financial goals. They may be near-term or several years away. Improving your investment know-how helps you make informed choices and protect your financial interests.




Take a look here for some basics on how to invest. Use the worksheets to help set your objectives, consider your investment options and test your tolerance for risk. Get explanations of different types of investments, from mutual funds to stocks and bonds. Learn the difference between an RRSP and an RESP.


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Find out how to protect yourself against typical financial scams and where to turn if you think you have been a victim.


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Take the Investor Knowledge Quiz and test your understanding of the basics of investing.



Use our interactive tutorial on trading equities and test your knowledge.


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IIROC's Investor Brochures


Opening Your Retail Account - provides investors with detailed information on  required documentation and personal information during the account application process.


An Investor’s Guide to Making a Complaint - gives investors  information on how to make a complaint to IIROC and an IIROC-regulated firm.


How IIROC protects investors - useful information to help investors understand the advantages and protections offered by investing through an IIROC-regulated advisor and firm.
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Quick Tips: Five Things You Should Know Before Investing
  • Know Your Goals
  • Know Your Investment Advisor
  • Know Your Investments
  • Know the Red Flags of Fraud
  • Know Who to Call for Help


Read more in the Before You Invest brochure from the CSA.