Take Action: Questions You Should Ask

An advisor can help you set your goals, build a plan, choose suitable investments, track your progress and adjust your plan, when needed. An advisor can answer your questions about different investment products and strategies and act as a sounding board for your ideas.

That’s why you should take charge when you are considering working with potential advisors and ask them some key questions before making your choice.

In its brochure, Questions to Ask when Choosing a Financial Advisor [link is below], the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) suggests investors ask a potential advisor the following questions. Click on the question to find out why it’s important.
    Q. Are you registered?
    Q. What is your background?
    Q.How are you paid?
    Q. Which kinds of products and services do you offer?
    Q. Who are your clients?

You can find the full guide, Questions to Ask when Choosing a Financial Advisor here
There are many resources to help you decide if an advisor is right for you and your investing needs. Here are two:
  • Rules of thumb to consider when choosing an advisor, from the BC Securities Commission’s investright website. 
  • Read up on the role of advisors and how to get the help you need on the Investor Education Fund’s GetSmarterAboutMoney website.
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