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How IIROC protects you, the investor

  • sets high regulatory and investment industry standards
  • oversees Canadian stock market activity 
  • investigates and disciplines misconduct by firms or advisors

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and our work with other regulators


June is Seniors Month

​Protect yourself with helpful financial resources  and materials for seniors.

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IIROC encourages investors to join the OSC teletownhall on Thursday, November 23, 2017. Register now.


IIROC resources for investors



Choosing an advisor

Learn about the advantages of using an IIROC-registered advisor and which questions to ask when choosing an advisor.


IIROC AdvisorReport
Become a better informed investor. Research advisor background, qualifications, certifications, and disciplinary information.


Investor Bulletins

IIROC publishes Bulletins for investors offering tips and information to help you become an informed investor.


Protect yourself

Find out how to protect yourself against typical financial scams and where to turn if you think you have been a victim.


Complaints and inquiries

File your complaint in the case of advisor or firm misconduct.


Financial Certifications Glossary

Learn about certifications and designations commonly used within the Canadian financial services industry.


Test your knowledge

Learn how to invest and protect yourself from fraud.

IIROC Brochures


Download IIROC Brochures

Our brochures are available in PDF format.



How IIROC works with other regulators for investor protection

IIROC has signed agreements with other regulators to help prevent individuals disciplined for wrongdoing from simply moving to a new jurisdiction or switching designations to hide offences. Learn more about how IIROC works with other regulators.



Featured video


See what goes on behind the scenes when stocks, bonds and other securities are bought and sold in Canada.



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Additional information

Unpaid Fines Report

A list of individuals who had been employed at IIROC-regulated firms and who have not paid the full amount of a fine, disgorgement, and/or costs order.

Corporate bond information

Check Canadian corporate bond trading activity free of charge.



Canadian Investor Protection Fund

The Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF) provides protection to investors who are clients of firms regulated by IIROC, in the event the firm becomes insolvent or ceases operations due to bankruptcy. CIPF is funded by IIROC-regulated firms and their membership is mandatory.