Unpaid Fines Report

​​This report identifies advisors and other individuals who had been employed at IIROC-regulated firms and who have not paid the full amount of a fine, disgorgement, and/or costs order imposed as a result of enforcement proceedings before an IIROC Hearing Panel. The report is intended to serve as an informational tool; it is not meant to be a list of individuals currently indebted to IIROC.  Accordingly, the report may include the names of individuals who received a bankruptcy discharge subsequent to the order being made.  The report is updated quarterly and lists individuals who were disciplined by IIROC ("disciplined individuals") as early as June 1, 2008, when IIROC was created.
Penalties are imposed upon disciplined individuals by an IIROC Hearing Panel either:
• following a contested hearing, or
• by approval of a settlement agreement.
To learn more about IIROC's Enforcement process,
see How Our Enforcement Process Works.
Disciplined individuals who have not paid the amount levied within 60 days will be placed on this report.
Please note that this report does not include matters where a disciplined individual has appealed or sought a review of a decision made by an IIROC Hearing Panel.
Details on penalties can be found by selecting the disciplined individual’s name in the Unpaid Fines Report.

Unpaid Fines Report (Current as of August 2015)


June 12, 2014 Press Release - IIROC publishes names of individuals with outstanding fines
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