Trading Halts & Timely Disclosure

Disclosure rules require that companies report all material information about their business and financial affairs to the public in a timely and fair manner. These rules aim to ensure that investors are given equal access to material information.

IIROC monitors the timely disclosure of material information by companies trading on marketplaces that have retained IIROC as their regulation service provider. Media releases issued by listed companies with material information are reviewed by IIROC surveillance staff before being released on the newswires or the company’s website. If a news release is unclear or overly-promotional, IIROC may ask the company to revise it. more


To view the latest Halts and Resumptions, as well as Cease Trade Orders, click to be redirected to the Halts page in our News & Publications section.




    Why was ABC Company halted and at whose request
    Does IIROC review company news releases prior to public dissemination?
    What is the difference between a "trading halt", a "Cease Trade Order", a "suspension" or
    a "business halt"?
    How does IIROC notify the public about halts and resumptions?
    Does a halt mean there is something wrong with the listed company?
    What is the company news that led to a trading halt? Is it good or bad news?
    How long will trading be halted?

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Tip: Learn more about IIROC’s enforcement role or access UMIR trading rules.

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