Board of Directors

The Board is composed of 15 directors including the President and CEO, with an even number of independent and non-independent Directors: 

  • Five individuals representing Dealer Members;

  • Two individuals representing the Marketplace Members;

  • Seven independent Directors; and

  • The President and CEO.

TSX is entitled to nominate one of the Marketplace Directors as long as (a) he/she comes from a Marketplace and (b) TSX and Marketplaces associated or affiliated with TSX maintain collectively not less than a 40 per cent market share (as determined under the By-law). The other Marketplace Director will be a representative of a Marketplace other than one affiliated with TSX.


Directors serve for staggered two-year terms. All Directors other than the President are restricted to term limits of four consecutive terms.

IIROC’s 2010 Corporate Governance Review Report is located here.


To learn about the charter and code of conduct that govern the Board of Directors click here: Board of Directors’ Charter  and  Code of Conduct for Directors.



IIROC Members Approve Board of Directors
Board Re-Appoints Chair M. Marianne Harris


IIROC’s Board of Director biographies:




President and CEO Andrew J. Kriegler


See here for speeches and presentations​ ​ ​
Industry Directors Independent Directors
​Paul Allison M. Marianne Harris, Chair
Luc Bachand ​​Mike Gagné​, Vice Chair
​​Jean-Paul Bachellerie Brian Heidecker
Tal Cohen Gerry O’ Mahoney
Kevan Cowan James Donegan
K. Pruyn Haskins ​​Edward Iacobucci
Catherine Smith
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