9503. Participation by a Dealer Member in an ombudsman service

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    1. A Dealer Member must participate in an ombudsman service approved by the Board.

    2. The participation of a Dealer Member in, or any recommendations made by, an ombudsman service, will not affect the authority of IIROC or prevent it from exercising that authority under IIROC requirements.

    3. On a client's request, any dispute between a Dealer Member and the client must be submitted to the approved ombudsman service.  

    4. The eligibility of a dispute for review is made by the ombudsman service based on its terms of reference.  

    5. A Dealer Member must comply with the ombudsman service’s requirements.  

    6. The ombudsman's recommendations are non-binding on each participant in the service.

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    There is no history log for this rule.