8403. General principles

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    1. The Rules of Procedure shall be interpreted and applied to secure a fair hearing and just determination of a proceeding on its merits and the most expeditious and least expensive conduct of the proceeding. 

    2. No proceeding, document or decision in a proceeding is invalid by reason of a defect or other irregularity in form. 

    3. Subject to a requirement in the Rules of Procedure, a hearing panel has authority to control the process of a proceeding before it and may exercise any of its powers on its own initiative or at the request of a party, including: 

      1. issuing procedural directions or orders with respect to the application of the Rules of Procedure in respect of any proceeding,

      2. imposing terms or conditions in a direction or order,

      3. admitting or requiring presentation of evidence on oath, affirmation or otherwise, 

      4. waiving or varying any Rule of Procedure in respect of a proceeding, 

      5. requiring parties to file documents electronically, and 

      6. at the request of a party, making an interim decision or order, including a decision or order that is subject to terms and conditions. 

    4. At the request of a party, a hearing panel may provide for any procedural matter that is not provided for in IIROC requirements or the Rules of Procedure by analogy to the Rules of Procedure or by reference to the rules of practice or procedure of another SRO or professional association or to the rules applicable to a securities regulatory authority.

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    There is no history log for this rule.