5430. Precious metal certificates and bullion

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    1. The minimum Dealer Member inventory margin and client account margin requirements for precious metal certificates and bullion are as follows:

      Precious metal investment type

      Minimum margin required expressed as a percentage of market value

      Negotiable certificates issued by chartered banks and trust companies authorized to do business in Canada, evidencing an interest in one of gold, platinum or silver


      Gold or silver bullion purchased by a Dealer Member for inventory or on behalf of a client, from the Royal Canadian Mint or a chartered bank that is a market making member or a full member of the London Bullion Market Association


    2. The Dealer Member must have a written representation from bullion vendor stating that the bullion are London Bullion Market Association good delivery bars for the bullion to be margin eligible under subsection 5430(1).

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    Notice 22-0101 - Housekeeping amendments to the IIROC Rules and Form 1 relating to the LBMA memberships

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