4751. Definitions

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    1. The following terms have the meaning set out below when used in Part B of Rule 4700:

      “acceptable trade matching utility”

      The broker-to-broker trade matching utility in CDS’s CDSX (defined in section 4502), or a similar system approved by IIROC. A list of approved acceptable trade matching utilities is updated and published as a notice by IIROC.

      "depository eligible transactions"

      Transactions in securities where the affirmation and settlement can be performed through the facilities or services of CDS.

      “eligible securities”

      Securities that are eligible to be deposited in the clearing corporation.

      “good delivery securities”

      Securities that can be transferred without restrictions and delivered to the buyer of the securities.

      “non-exchange trade”

      Any trade in a CDS eligible security (excluding new issue trades and repurchase agreement transactions and reverse repurchase agreement transactions) between two Dealer Members, which has not been submitted to the CDS continuous net settlement service by a Marketplace or an acceptable foreign marketplace. A non-exchange trade includes the dealer to dealer portion of a jitney trade that is executed between two Dealer Members that is not reported by a Marketplace or an acceptable foreign marketplace.


      A participant in a clearing corporation’s settlement service.

      “qualified Canadian trust company”

      A trust company licensed to do business in Canada or a Canadian province with a minimum paid up capital and surplus of $5,000,000

      “settlement service”

      A securities settlement service made available by CDS.

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    There is no history log for this rule.