4433. Cash

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    1. The department manager or another appropriate manager must review and approve all bank reconciliations.

    2. At least monthly, a Dealer Member must reconcile bank accounts in writing, identifying and dating all reconciling items.

    3. Journal entries to clear reconciling items must be made on a timely basis and approved by a department manager or another appropriate manager.

    4. Bank accounts must be reconciled by employees who do not have:

      1. access to funds, either receipts or disbursements, or

      2. access to securities, or

      3. record keeping responsibilities that include the authority to write or approve journal entries.

    5. An appropriate Executive must establish criteria for approving the requisition of a cheque.

    6. Cheques must be pre-numbered, and a Dealer Member must account for numerical continuity.

    7. Cheques must be signed by two authorized employees.

    8. The authorized employees must only sign a cheque when the appropriate supporting documents are provided. The supporting documents must be cancelled after they sign the cheque.

    9. A Dealer Member must limit and supervise access to any facsimile signature machine.

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