4209. Consolidated financial statements — similar named entity

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    1. A Dealer Member must disclose its financial statements separately from those of any affiliate or holding company with a similar name.

    2. If a Dealer Member’s accounts are included in the consolidated financial statements of its holding company or affiliate with a name similar to the Dealer Member’s, and those consolidated financial statements are published or circulated in any document or other medium, then either:

      1. the consolidated financial statements must include a note indicating that:

        1. they relate to an entity that is not the Dealer Member, and

        2. although the statements include the Dealer Member’s accounts, they are not the Dealer Member’s financial statements,

      2. or

      3. at the time of publication or circulation, the Dealer Member must send to each client who has traded in his or her account within 12 months of the date of publication
        1. its unconsolidated summary statement of financial position, and
        2. a letter explaining why the statement is being sent.

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