3901. Introduction

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    1. Rule 3900 sets out the Dealer Member’s obligation to supervise its business and operations. The rule is divided into seven parts as follows:
    2. Part A –  General supervision requirements
      [sections 3904 through 3918]

    3. Part B – Supervision of all accounts
      [sections 3925 through 3927]

    4. Part C – Supervision of retail client accounts
      [sections 3945 through 3948]

    5. Part D –  Supervision of institutional client accounts
      [sections 3950 and 3951]

    6. Part E – Supervision of order execution only accounts 
      [section 3955]

    7. Part F – Supervision of options, futures contracts and futures contract options trading accounts
      [sections 3960 through 3968]

    8. Part G – Supervision of discretionary accounts and  managed accounts
      [sections 3970 through 3973]

    9. Appropriate supervision of all aspects of a Dealer Member’s business and operations is a fundamental responsibility of the Dealer Member.  The Dealer Member’s policies and procedures that specifically address its supervision system must remain up‑to‑date at all times, based on current IIROC requirements and applicable laws.

    10. The Dealer Member’s board of directors is responsible for ensuring that an appropriate supervision system is in place. 

    3902. – 3903. Reserved. 

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    There is no history log for this rule.