3815. Memoranda of orders

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    1. A Dealer Member must maintain an adequate record of each order or other instruction given or received for all purchases and sales of securities and trades in futures contract and futures contract options, whether executed or unexecuted, showing at a minimum the following:

      1. the terms and conditions of the order or instruction and of any modification or cancellation thereof,

      2. the account to which the order or instruction relates,

      3. the time of entry of the order or instruction and, where the order is entered pursuant to the exercise of discretionary power of a Dealer Member, a statement to that effect,

      4. where the order relates to an omnibus account, the component accounts within the omnibus account on whose behalf the order is to be executed, and the allocation among the component accounts intended on execution,

      5. to the extent feasible, the time of execution or cancellation,

      6. the price at which the order or instruction was executed,

      7. the time of report of execution, and

      8. whether the transactions are opening or closing transactions (where required by the marketplace).

    2. A Dealer Member must record the name, sales number, or designation of the person placing the order or instruction, if the order or instruction is placed by an individual other than:

      1. the account holder, or

      2. an individual authorized in writing to direct orders or instructions for the account.

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    There is no history log for this rule.