3113. Responsibility to disclose conflicts of interest

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    1. Dealer Member must disclose in writing all material conflicts of interest identified under subsections 3110(1) and 3110(2) to the client whose interests are affected by the conflicts of interest if a reasonable client would expect to be informed of those conflicts of interest. 

    2. The information required to be disclosed to the client under subsection 3113(1) must:   

      1. include a description of:  

        1. the nature and extent of the conflict of interest, 

        2. the potential impact on and risk that the conflict of interest could pose to the client, and 

        3. how the conflict of interest has been, or will be, addressed, 

      2. be presented in a manner that, to a reasonable person, is prominent, specific and written in plain language, 
      3. be disclosed:  
        1. before opening an account for the client if the conflict has been identified at that time, or  
        2. in a timely manner, upon identification of a conflict that must be disclosed under subsection 3113(1) that has not previously been disclosed to the client.  
    3. For greater certainty, a Dealer Member and an Approved Person do not satisfy subsections 3111(1) or 3112(1) solely by providing disclosure to the client. 

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    There is no history log for this rule.