2808. Reinstatement of suspended Approved Persons 

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    1. The approval of an Approved Person suspended under subsection 2807(2) will be reinstated by IIROC on the date the Dealer Member submits a completed Form 33‑109F7 if:

      1. Form 33‑109F7 is submitted within 90 days of the cessation date,

      2. there has been no change to the information previously submitted in respect of regulatory, criminal, civil and financial disclosure (items 13 [other than 13.3(a)]), 14, 15 and 16 of Form 33‑109F4 respectively),

      3. the individual’s employment or agency relationship with the former sponsoring Dealer Member did not end because the individual resigned voluntarily, was asked by the Dealer Member to resign or was dismissed, following an allegation against the individual of any of the following:

        1. criminal activity,

        2. a breach of securities laws, or

        3. a breach of the rules of an SRO,

      4. the individual is seeking reinstatement with a sponsoring firm in one or more of the same categories in which the individual was approved on the cessation date, and
      5. the new Dealer Member is registered in the same category (or subset thereof) of registration in which the individual’s former Dealer Member was registered.

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