2554. The Approved Person’s activities outside of the Dealer Member

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    1. An Approved Person may have, and continue in, an activity outside of the Dealer Member, if the outside activity:
      1. is not contrary to securities laws or IIROC requirements, and
      2. does not bring the securities industry into disrepute.
    2. An Approved Person may have, and continue in, an outside activity, if:
      1. the Approved Person informs the Dealer Member of the outside activity,
      2. the Approved Person obtains the Dealer Member’s prior approval to engage in the outside activity,  
      3. the Dealer Member’s policies and procedures specifically address:
        1. continuous service to clients, and 
        2. potential conflicts of interest, 
      4. the Dealer Member notifies IIROC of the outside activity within the time period and manner required by National Instrument 33-109. 
    3. An individual must not act, and a Dealer Member must not permit an individual to act, as a Registered Representative, Investment Representative, Portfolio Manager, Associate Portfolio Manager or Trader in a manner that is contrary to section 4.1 of National Instrument 31-103, unless an exemption is granted by the applicable securities regulatory authority and such similar exemption request is also filed with and approved by IIROC.

    Notice 22-0061 - Housekeeping amendments relating to registration information requirements, outside activity reporting and updated filing deadlines

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