Unpaid Fines Report

In 2014, IIROC began publishing the Unpaid Fines Report which lists advisors and individuals employed at IIROC-regulated firms who have failed to pay fines, disgorgement, and/or costs imposed as a result of enforcement proceedings before an IIROC Hearing Panel. Penalties are imposed upon disciplined individuals either:

  • following a contested hearing; or
  • by approval of a settlement agreement.

The report is intended to serve as an information tool to improve transparency. The report is not meant to be a list of individuals currently indebted to IIROC. Accordingly, the report may include the names of individuals who received a bankruptcy discharge subsequent to the order being made.

About the report

The Unpaid Fines Report:

  • Lists individuals who were disciplined by IIROC ("disciplined individuals") as early as June 1, 2008, when IIROC was created.
  • Includes disciplined individuals who have not paid the amounts imposed on them.
  • Does not include matters where a disciplined individual has appealed or sought a review of a decision made by an IIROC Hearing Panel.

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How IIROC's Enforcement Process works


Unpaid Fines Report

Individual Date of Penalty Decision or Settlement Agreement Amount of Fine, Disgorgement (if any) and/or costs Province Amount Paid
Blythe, Kindle 25 June 2020 $10,500 BC None
Bodnarchuk, Edward Peter 1 October 2018 $120,000 MB None
Bond, Garry Walter 20 June 2017 $22,000 ON Partial
Bortolin, Sandy Joseph 13 March 2012 $600,000 ON None
Boswell, Robert William 24 November 2008 $125,000 AB Partial
Brodie, John Edward 5 July 2013 $80,000 NS None
Brum, Paul 7 October 2020 $10,000 BC None
Buskell, John D.W. 25 June 2008 $81,836 AB None
Chang, Lawrence Bradley 20 January 2014 $107,500 BC None
Chang, Lawrence Bradley 10 November 2009 $32,000 BC None

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