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Submissions and Letters

In IIROC’s mission to protect investors and support healthy capital markets, we work with our fellow regulators, governments and their agencies, including seeking harmonization, fairness and consistency in legislation when our work in the public interest demands it.


Financial Planning in Ontario



October 22, 2020
IIROC Response to the Canadian Securities Administrators Consultation on the Self-Regulatory Organization Framework



June 9, 2020
IIROC’s Proposal to Consolidate IIROC and Mutual Fund Dealers Association of Canada (MFDA)



July 7, 2016
IIROC comments on Canadian Council of Insurance Regulators Segregated Funds Working Group Issues Paper



February 1, 2016
Ontario 2016 pre-budget consultations



December 7, 2015
Cooperative Capital Markets Regulatory System 



December 1, 2015
Review of mandates of financial services regulators — Ontario



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