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Debt/Bond Market Transparency

Since 2013, IIROC has been working to enhance the integrity of Canada’s debt market through more timely surveillance, enhanced oversight and increased regulatory transparency. Effective November 2015, IIROC’s debt transaction reporting rules required IIROC dealers and firms classified as government securities distributors to report all debt trade information.
As the corporate and government debt information processor selected by the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA), IIROC publishes free online trade information giving all market participants enhanced transparency and access to information that will improve their investment decisions and contribute to their confidence in Canada's capital markets.

News releases, notices, and related documents

June 4, 2020
CSA Expands IIROC's role as Information Processor for Debt Securities
IIROC News Release


May 24, 2018
IIROC to enhance debt market transparency in expanded information processor role
IIROC News Release



July 6, 2017
IIROC launches next phase, expanding corporate debt transparency
IIROC News Release



March 31, 2017
Approval of Debt Information Processor Fee Model
IIROC Administrative Notice/Notice of Approval



July 13, 2016
Corporate Debt Trade Information now available
IIROC News Release



June 23, 2016
IIROC to begin publishing corporate debt trade information next month
IIROC News Release

Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada to Act as Information Processor for Corporate Debt Securities
CSA New Release



April 21, 2016
Canadian securities regulators outline next steps in the implementation of enhancements for regulation of the fixed income market
CSA News Release



October 29, 2015
IIROC debt market regulation fee model takes effect November 1
IIROC News Release



September 17, 2015
IIROC works with CSA to improve access to fixed income information
IIROC News Release

CSA Staff Notice and Request for Comment 21-315 - Next Steps in Regulation and Transparency of the Fixed Income Market
CSA Notice



December 11, 2014
IIROC proposes fee model for debt market regulation
IIROC News Release

New Debt Market Regulation Fee Model 
IIROC Administrative Notice/Request for Comments



October 30, 2014
IIROC publishes new rule requiring debt transaction reporting
IIROC News Release

Debt Transaction Reporting
IIROC Rules Notice/Notice of Approval



January 9, 2014
IIROC publishes revised proposal for debt trade reporting
IIROC News Release

Proposed Requirements for Debt Securities Transaction Reporting
IIROC Rules Notice/Request for Comments — Republication


February 20, 2013
IIROC Proposes Rule Change to Expand Oversight of Trading in Debt Securities
IIROC News Release

Proposed Requirements for Debt Securities Transaction Reporting
IIROC Rules Notice/Request for Comments

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