R.F.P.® — Registered Financial Planner

Certification Status

Currently offered and recognized by the issuing organization

Prerequisites/ Experience

R.F.P.s (in Canada) must:

  • Annually affirm their primary vocation is the practice (or supervision of ) comprehensive financial planning that follows the Six-step Process and takes the six practice disciplines into consideration - financial assessment, taxes, estates, risk, investment and retirement planning

  • Prove their ability to provide impartial, comprehensive advice for complex cases by submitting a sample plan for peer review

  • Have been actively engage in the profession of financial planning as their primary vocation for at least three years prior to becoming an R.F.P.
Educational Requirements

Completion of all CFP requirements or equivalency
Undergraduate degree (any faculty) or equivalent experience

Exam Type

The R.F.P. Technical Competency exam is an all-day invigilated exam based on a complex case testing the Associate's ability to apply what they know about comprehensive financial planning.

The Ethics & Practice Standards exam takes a few hours and is multiple choice.

Continuing Education

At least 30 hours of education annually, including an Ethics update and at least two other subject areas

Investor Complaint Process
Public Disciplinary Process
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