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Investor Education

You invest to achieve your financial goals. They may be near-term or several years away. Improving your investment know-how helps you make informed choices and protect your financial interests.

Investment Basics

There are many ways to invest. Your choices will depend on your goals, your timeline and your tolerance for risk. It’s important to know some basics.



Typical Financial Scams

Find out how to protect yourself against typical financial scams and where to turn if you think you have been a victim.



IIROC's Investor Brochures

  • How IIROC protects investors provides useful information to help investors understand the advantages and protections offered by investing through an IIROC-regulated advisor and firm.



Investor Protection through CIPF

The Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF) provides protection to investors who are clients of firms regulated by IIROC, in the event the firm becomes insolvent or ceases operations due to bankruptcy. CIPF is funded by IIROC-regulated firms and their membership is mandatory.

For more information on CIPF, see the IIROC Investor Alert on CIPF here or visit CIPF’s website at www.cipf.ca.