Investor Brochures, Bulletins & Other Resources

Investor bulletins

IIROC regularly issues bulletins for investors, on topics ranging from tips on security and avoiding fraud to statements about trading.

Brochures and investment resources

IIROC brochures offer helpful information to investors, from a guide to opening an investment account to how to make a complaint. 

Take a look at our brochures along with a variety of tools, such as resources for seniors and youth, and links to consumer and investor organizations.

Qualitative Research among Complainants

IIROC videos

Monitoring Equity Markets in Canada

Life Cycle of a Trade

Making A Complaint

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MFDA and IIROC have consolidated

As of January 1, 2023 the MFDA and IIROC have come together as New Self-Regulatory Organization of Canada (New SRO).

New SRO has assumed the regulatory responsibilities of the MFDA and IIROC.

We have set up an interim website for updates and information related to the New SRO including:

  • Executive Management
  • Governance
  • New SRO Rules
  • Member Application
  • Investor Office and the Investor Advisory Panel
  • Information concerning mutual fund dealers registered in Québec
  • Complaints
  • Careers

Enforcement proceedings, membership lists, continuing education, investor education resources and any other information not set out above continue to reside on and