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Choosing an Advisor

An investment advisor can help you make informed choices about the steps you can take to achieve your financial goals. The advisor will be guiding you on important decisions about your money so take time to know who you are dealing with and that he or she understands your needs. You should also ensure that he or she is properly qualified and is required to follow rules and regulations established for the investment industry.

Advisors approved by IIROC to offer services at IIROC-regulated firms are subject to registration standards and background checks before they can be approved to work. In the rare case an IIROC-registered firm were to become insolvent, your cash and securities are protected – within defined limits – by the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF).

  • When you choose an advisor at an IIROC-regulated firm, you can be sure that IIROC has made sure he or she had the necessary training and education to receive our approval. Learn more about the Advantages of Using an IIROC-registered Advisor.

  • Choosing an investment advisor is one of the most important decisions you will make. Learn more about which questions to ask before making that call.

Try AdvisorReport where you can find the background, education and qualifications of advisors at IIROC-regulated firms.


Investor Protection through CIPF

The Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF) provides protection to investors who are clients of firms regulated by IIROC, in the event the firm becomes insolvent or ceases operations due to bankruptcy. CIPF is funded by IIROC-regulated firms and their membership is mandatory.

For more information on CIPF, see the IIROC Investor Alert on CIPF here or visit CIPF’s website at www.cipf.ca.

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An investment advisor can help you:
  • set your goals
  • build a plan
  • choose suitable investments
  • track your progress
  • adjust your plan, when needed
Source: The CSA’s Working with a Financial Advisor brochure ​