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Complaints & Inquiries

Investors are encouraged to direct all general questions, including inquiries about making a complaint, to our dedicated Complaints & Inquiries team (in English or French). IIROC records all calls to and from Complaints & Inquiries team telephone lines.

IIROC staff will not respond to abusive or offensive communications.

Email: [email protected]

Toll-free (Canada/US): 1 877-442-4322 

Toll-free (outside Canada/US): 800-5555-2323 

Registration Inquiries

If you are currently registered with an IIROC Dealer Member, please contact your firm’s Registration or Compliance Department for all registration matters.

If you are not currently registered with an IIROC Dealer Member and have questions about your registration requirements and course validity, please contact [email protected]. Our estimated response time is within five business days.

For NRD number requests please contact Complaints and Inquiries.


We are committed to giving people with disabilities the same opportunity to access our services--in the same place and in a similar way--as other members of the public.

IIROC’s website is developed to ensure compatibility with assistive technologies providing everyone with equal and appropriate access to the information they need.

If you have a request, question, or want to provide feedback concerning accessibility in regards to IIROC’s website, please contact us at 1-877-442-4322 or via email at [email protected].

IIROC Whistleblower Service

The IIROC Whistleblower Service has been established to receive, evaluate and take prompt and effective action on reported first-hand knowledge or tangible evidence of potential systemic wrongdoing, potential securities frauds or unethical behaviour by IIROC-regulated individuals or firms.

IIROC Regional Offices

Toronto - Head Office

Suite 2000, 121 King Street West 
Toronto, Ontario, M5H 3T9
Tel: 416-364-6133 Fax: 416-364-0753
Enforcement matters fax: 416-364-2998
Complaints & Inquiries: 1-877-442-4322


525 Viger Avenue West, Suite 601
Montréal, Quebec, H2Z 0B2
Tel: 514-878-2854 Fax: 514-878-3860
Enforcement matters fax: 514-878-6324
Complaints & Inquiries: 1-877-442-4322 


255-5th Avenue S.W.
Suite 800, Bow Valley Square 3
Calgary, Alberta, T2P 3G6
Tel: 403-262-6393 Fax: 403-265-4603
Enforcement matters fax: 403-234-0861
Complaints & Inquiries: 1-877-442-4322


Suite 2800 - Royal Centre
1055 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, B.C.
P.O. Box 11164  V6E 3R5
Tel: 604-683-6222 Fax: 604-683-6262
Complaints & Inquiries: 1-877-442-4322