Board Committees

IIROC has three appointed standing committees, each appointed by the Board and comprises at least five Directors:

Corporate Governance Committee​

The Corporate Governance Committee is charged with:

  • Recommending candidates eligible to serve on the Board and its committees with a view to ensuring that the Board reflects the national character of IIROC and draws upon the diversity and expertise of its members;
  • Reviewing the governance principles and practices of IIROC;
  • Ensuring that IIROC identifies and manages potential conflicts of interest;
  • Establishing a process for, and overseeing, self-assessment by the Board and its committees; and
  • Appointing individuals to IIROC's Hearing Committee.


Finance, Audit and Risk Committee

The Finance, Audit and Risk Committee is charged with assisting the Board in its oversight of:

  • The integrity of IIROC’s accounting and financial reporting processes;
  • The qualifications, independence and performance of IIROC’s external and internal auditors;
  • IIROC’s processes relating to its internal control systems and security of information; and
  • IIROC's policies and processes for risk management.


Human Resources and Pension Committee​

The Human Resources and Pension Committee is charged with:

  • Ensuring IIROC can attract and retain personnel with the appropriate status and experience to achieve its corporate objectives;
  • Ensuring IIROC can attract and retain a workforce that will enhance the professionalism and effectiveness of the organization; and
  • Assisting the Board in its oversight of IIROC’s human resources policies and procedures, benefits and pension plans, and with ensuring regulatory compliance thereof.


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