Rule Book Re-write Project

​IIROC will release a new Rule Book with a new organization and structure and completely revised, plain language wording.  The new Rule Book will integrate the Dealer Member Rules and UMIR in the second phase of this project.
IIROC began publishing the new rules for public comments and submitting them to the CSA for approval in 2010.
Objective and Mandate of the project
The objective is to reformat, reorganize, rationalize and re-write the rules in plain language.  In addition, a number of key rules are targeted for substantive change.

  • Restate the rules in plain language style
  • Streamline rules by focusing on core requirements and moving details to Guidance Notes
  • Improve clarity and understanding of rules
  • Eliminate obsolete, duplicative and unnecessary requirements
  • Reorganize rule structure more logically
  • Clearly state the objective of each rule
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Project Organization

Organization of the New Rule Book

Rule Review Process



Project Status Update

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