Application assistance for becoming a registered or approved individual

IIROC's Registration Department can assist applicants seeking to become IIROC registered or approved individuals. Please contact the IIROC regional office in your area.


British Columbia and Yukon applicants 

IIROC Pacific Regional Office​​
Suite 2800, 1055 W. Georgia Street
​Vancouver, BC ​V6E 3R5
​Telephone: (604) 683-6222​
Fax: (604) 683-3491​​

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Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, the Northwest Territories, and Nunavut applicants

IIROC Prairie Regional Office
​Suite 800
Bow Valley Square 3
255 – 5th Avenue S.W.
Calgary, AB T2P 3G6
​Telephone: (403) 262-6393
​Fax: (403) 265-4603


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Quebec applicants​

IIROC Quebec Regional Office
​5, Place Ville Marie
​Suite 1550
​Montreal, Quebec
​H3B 2G2​​
Telephone: 514-878-2854​
Fax: 514-878-3860

​Laurie-Ann Gingras ​Ext. 23426
Senior Registration Officers
​Lyne Lafleur ​Ext. 23101
​Vivian Guerrero ​Ext. 23064
​Esther Petioth ​Ext. 23431
​Angela Ventrella ​Ext. 23051

Registration Inquiries Officer
​Jonathan Germain ​Ext. 23114

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Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador applicants​

​​​​IIROC Head Office
​​Suite 2000, 121 King Street West
​​Toronto, Ontario
​​M5H 3T9​​​​
Telephone: (416) 364-6133
​​Fax: (416) 364-9177
​​​​Email: [email protected]​​

General Counsel, Corporate Secretary &
Vice-President, Registration
​Doug Harris ​416-646-7275
Director, Proficiency
Sonia Keshwar 416-646-7251
Proficiency Specialist
Lindsey Mahoney 416-943-4654
Legal Counsel, Proficiency
Tina Lococo 416-943-5851
Director, Registration
Marina Ripoche 416-943-5896
Executive Assistant and National Registration Coordinator
Denise Stewart 416-943-6972
Senior Legal Counsel
​Sherry Tabesh-Ndreka 416-943-4656​
Registration Managers
​Lucy Pacheco ​416-943-6916
​Christine Domasik ​416-865-3045
​Kerry Newman ​416-943-5839
Registration Business Analyst
​Lisa Mullen ​416-943-6917
Registration Research Officer
​Rita Kwok ​416-943-6994
Senior Registration Officers
​Yvette Baja ​416-943-5848
​Maria Kedzior 416-865-3031
​Alina Danglay ​416-943-5780
​Mo Mateen ​416-865-3035
​Alison Mitchell ​416-943-5783
​Jerome Calder ​416-943-6982
​Agatha Rejer ​416-943-5873
​Taek Rhee ​416-943-6945
​Jessica Roglic ​416-865-3049
​Suzeth Singh ​416-943-5895
​Registration Officers
​Indrani Bridgemohan ​416-943-5876
​Paul Ross ​416-943-5821
​Cecilia Deauna ​416-943-6980
Registration Clerk
​Patricka Thompson ​416-943-5852

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