Becoming a Regulated Dealer

​Firms interested in becoming IIROC-regulated Dealers Members will find the necessary information and forms under the sections below.



 Applicant Guide & Forms

  1. Eligibility for Membership
  2. Classes of Membership
  3. Fees
    1. Fee Model Guidelines 
    2. Fee Model Message Definition
    3. Member New Issue Levy Form
    4. New Member Applicant Fee Guideline
    5. Revenue Tier for FY2017 - New Dealer Fees
    6. CIPF Assessment
  4. Requirements for Membership
  5. Membership Application Review and Approval Process
  6. Ongoing Obligations of Membership
  7. Panel Auditors and Criteria for Approval as a Panel Auditor
  8. Policies & Procedures Checklists - Please contact [email protected]
  9. Account Opening Documents
  10. Disclosure Table
  11. Summary of Regulatory Filings
  12. Books and Records Reports
    1. Recognized EDP Service Provider Types 1 and 2
    2. Recognized EDP Service Provider Types 3 and 4 and Full Service
    3. Proprietary EDP Systems


Application Forms

NRD Enrolment Forms: NRD enrolment forms used for new firm enrolments and changes to enrolment information. Individual application forms are to be submitted via the National Registration Database.  The firm must submit the enrollment form to CDS Inc. in order to obtain access to NRD.

Investor forms
  • Investor Application Form – For applications for individuals who are investors holding greater than 10%.
  • Investor Notification Form - For investors holding less than 10% purchasing shares of a non-public IIROC Member firm whose accumulated holdings are less than 10%.

 Registration Information

    British Columbia
    Manitoba, North West Territories, Yukon and Nunavut
    New Brunswick
    Newfoundland and Labrador
    Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island


 Introducing / Carrying Broker Relationship


Introducing / Carrying arrangements are entered into to allow a Member (the "introducing" broker) to use the back office facilities of another Member (the "carrying" broker). The services provided may include any combination of: the execution of trades, the clearing and settlement of trades, the custody of client funds and securities, the maintenance of books and records of client transactions and the financing of client positions. These arrangements allow the introducing broker to rationalize its own operations while retaining its relationships with its clients.

Type 1 Introducing Broker

Type 2 Introducing Broker

Type 3 Introducing Broker

Type 4 Introducing Broker

What to Consider When Choosing a Carrying Broker


 Supporting Documents & FAQ


Joint Regulatory Financial Questionnaire And Report

Statement of the financial position of the applicant. To be submitted unless the applicant is already a member of a Canadian self-regulatory organization.
Joint Regulatory Financial Questionnaire And Report

Subordinated Loan Agreement

To be submitted when applicant’s minimum capital includes subordinated debt.
Subordinated Loan Agreement

Summary Of Requirements
List of all documents and forms required to file an application for membership. To be submitted with the application.
Summary of Requirements



    Who can be an IIROC Dealer Member?
    Can a company outside Canada become a Dealer Member?
    Are there any restrictions on the ownership of an IIROC Dealer Member
    What do I do to become a Dealer Member?
    How much does it cost to join IIROC?
    How long does the approval process take?
    Are there different classes of Dealer Membership in IIROC?
    I'm already registered with the Ontario Securities Commission. How do I
    transfer my membership to IIROC?
    What are the insurance requirements for membership?
    What is the approval process when an IIROC Dealer Member or its parent
    holding company acquires or creates an affiliate/associate?

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