Fixed Income Committee



Mandate: To advise on the development of rules and policies related to the trading of fixed income securities.
Reports To: Staff of IIROC


Specific Responsibilities
The Committee provides advice on issues referred to IIROC for consideration by:
  • the Bank of Canada and the federal Department of Finance related to the fixed income market (including rules and procedures governing Primary Dealers and Government Securities Distributors); and

  • the Bourse de Montréal related to the fixed income derivatives market.
    At the request of the President, the Committee may review and make a recommendations to the President or the Board respecting;

  • the position to be taken by IIROC in response to a request for comments issued by a securities regulatory authority or self-regulatory organization that would impact trading of fixed income securities; and

  • any other matter that, in the opinion of the President or the Board, the review or comment of the Committee would be desirable.
Membership & Structure
Membership Committee: membership is limited to 15 comprised of:
  • Dealer Members that are designated as Primary Dealers of Government of Canada Bonds by the Bank of Canada;

  • Representative of the TSX, if the TSX chooses to be represented on the Committee;

  • Marketplace Members, other than the TSX, that trade fixed income securities; and

  • At least one independent person (i.e. not a director, officer or employee of a Member) who has experience or expertise that, in the opinion of the President and CEO or his/her designate, would benefit the Committee.
Ex-officio Members
  • President (or another officer of IIROC designated by the President); and

  • Chair of the Board (or another member of the Board designated by the Chair or the Board).
Term: 2-year term, renewable
Nominating Process: Each Dealer Member or Marketplace Member that meets the membership requirements may nominate one member to the Committee.
Appointment Process: All nominees are reviewed by the President and CEO or his/her designate and, if accepted, appointed to the Committee.
Meeting Schedule: Regular quarterly meetings and special meetings at the call of the Chair.
Executive and Subcommittees
Chair and Vice-Chair: A Chair and Vice-Chair are elected by the members of the Committee for the 2-year term of the Committee.
Executive Committee: No Executive Committee
Sub-Committees: Standing Sub-Committees may be established at the initiative of Committee. The one existing Sub-Committee is the Retail Fixed Income Sub-Committee

 Fixed Income Committee


Fixed Income Committee

Stewart Hunt, Chair 
Jean-Marc BruleFIN-XO Securities Inc.
Bruce Carroll 
Jason ChangOntario Teachers' Pension Plan
Peter ConroyShorcan Brokers Limited
Martin FlaemrichCPP Investment Board
Anne HaldimandTD Securities Inc.
Mark HardistyCIBC World Markets Inc.
Jayson HornerCanDeal.ca. Inc.
Kenneth KnowlesCanaccord Genuity Corp.
Mike ManningOntario Financing Authority
Stephen McHargCasgrain & Company Limited
Fred SmithBMO Nesbitt Burns Inc.
Eric TuerBank of Canada
Richard Van NestRBC Dominion Securities Inc.
Richard Corner, SRO RepresentativeInvestment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada
Marc Poles, SRO RepresentativeInvestment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada
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