Proficiency Committee

A key component of effective self-regulation is industry input and involvement. The Proficiency Committee plays an important role in supporting IIROC Proficiency Staff on matters relating to proficiency policy and operations. The Committee is a valuable source of practical industry knowledge and expertise working with IIROC to ensure high standards of proficiency, professionalism and ethics on the IIROC platform.



To advise IIROC Staff on matters relating to proficiency policy and operations. This includes matters relating to licensing standards, training, and continuing education. The Proficiency Committee reports to IIROC Proficiency Staff.


Specific Responsibilities

  • Provide feedback to IIROC Staff with respect to proficiency and licensing policies, standards and initiatives.

  • Support IIROC Proficiency Staff in its oversight of proficiency courses through review of course material and proposals relating to course content, instructional design, etc.

  • Support IIROC Proficiency Staff in the development and updating of proficiency and competency standards.

Chair: A Chair is elected by the members of the Committee for the two year term of the Committee.

Subcommittees: IIROC Proficiency Staff may strike working groups or ad hoc subcommittees.


Education & Proficiency Committee

Call for Applications issued.
Application deadline February 2, 2017 – IIROC Notice 16-0302


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