Market Monitoring & Analysis

​Capital markets can only function successfully with the trust and confidence of investors and industry participants. Confidence can be undermined by manipulative trading practices and breaches of marketplace trading rules and IIROC's system for monitoring the markets is our front-line defence for detecting these abusive practices and promoting fair and orderly trading activity.




IIROC's Role: IIROC works to strengthen confidence in the fairness and integrity of Canadian markets by focusing on the following areas: 


Surveillance of Equity Trading​


Surveillance of Debt Trading​

As part of its Recognition Orders with the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA), IIROC monitors trading of equity securities on and across all stock exchanges and Alternative Trading Systems (ATSs) to ensure compliance with the Universal Market Integrity Rules (UMIR) that cover trading activity in Canada.

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IIROC conducts timely surveillance of all fixed income trading conducted by its Dealer Members through various fixed income ATSs, Inter Dealer Bond Brokers (IDBBs) or over the counter (OTC), ensuring market integrity and compliance with applicable Dealer Member Rules.​ 

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How We Review &
Analyze Equity Trading​



Trading Halts &
Timely Disclosure​

Trading Review analysts review post-trade data for possible violations of trading rules and may conduct preliminary investigations. They are also responsible for special projects and reviews related to trading.

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Under timely disclosure rules, staff review corporate news releases and may require firms to issue statements to help explain unusual movement in their shares. Staff issue trading halts and resumptions where needed to allow the broad dissemination of material news to marketplace participants.

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