IIROC Logos & Stickers

IIROC’s Official Logo is for use by Dealer Members. Logos must be clearly visible to clients at each business location to which clients, or potential clients, have access. No Dealer Member shall be required to display the IIROC Official Logo until 30 days after the first day of operation as a Dealer Member. 

IIROC Acronym
When referring to IIROC, the proper acronym for the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada is “IIROC”. IIROC should not be referred to as “The IIROC” or any other deviation from the proper acronym.
IIROC Official Logo and Usage
Use of IIROC’s Official Logos is restricted for account statements, trade confirmations, websites and advertising. The logo must be displayed at a height of not less than 6.35 millimetres or 0.25 inches. A separate black and white version must be used when the document or material is not being reproduced in colour. The surrounding area around the logo must be equivalent to the height of the letter “I” in IIROC.
IIROC’s Official Logos are available below in different formats.
  • Language: English-only, French-only or bilingual.
  • Colour: Black & White or IIROC colours
  • Length: With tag or without tag (“tag” refers to the full organization name beneath the acronym)


​Description File Format​
English with tag - colour​ jpg​ gif​
English with tag - black and white​ jpg​ gif​​ eps​​
French with tag - colour​​ jpg​​ gif​​
French with tag - black and white​​ jpg​​ gif​​ eps​​
French without tag - colour​​ eps​​
Bilingual with tag - colour​​​ jpg​​ gif​​
Bilingual with tag - black and white​​​ jpg​​ gif​​ eps​​
Bilingual without tag - colour​​​ eps​​


IIROC stickers: Stickers with the IIROC logo are provided to all new Member firms to display in their offices. To order additional stickers for branches, please send an email request to the Public Affairs department.


Additional branding instructions, including font style and colours, access our branding instructions here.


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