Jean-Paul Bachellerie

Jean-Paul BachellerieCategory: Dealer

Jean-Paul Bachellerie is the President and Chief Operating Officer of PI Financial Corp. and is responsible for all aspects of the firm's operations. Mr. Bachellerie, a Chartered Accountant, has over 25 years’ experience in the securities industry, initially as an auditor with Ernst and Young, auditing several Western based securities dealers. Since 1995, he has worked in senior finance and administration roles with PI. Mr. Bachellerie has been an active participant in IIROC's Financial Administrators Section and Compliance and Legal Section.  He also chaired IIROC's Pacific District Council and was a member of IIROC's National Advisory Committee.  He currently sits on the Board of the Canadian Depository for Securities and is a member of its Corporate Governance Committee.  Mr. Bachellerie is a member of IIROC’s Human Resources and Pension Committee.

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